Roundhouse Walling Wish List

Green grassy roof…and look at the lovely stack of reclaimed maple gym floor waiting to be fitted!

The coming spring is greening up the roundhouse roof beautifully. But we need walls…

Ahead of the next stage of the roundhouse build, we are looking for some natural / reclaimed materials. Below is our wish list – let us know if you have any of the below, or can point us in the direction of someone who does.

The Wish List


We have plenty of mud right now…but the Trust land is not naturally abundant in clay. We need about half a 1 tonne builders bag to mix with our subsoil to make cob. Let us know if you have a corner where you wouldn’t mind us sourcing some from, or have recently dug a pond and have a pile ready to be taken away.

Second hand windows

We’re looking for up to 3 large and 3 small double glazed windows to fit into the roundhouse, ideally with wooden frames.

Willing Wall Builders

Do you want to come and help build the walls, or know someone who might? The Roundhouse Wall Building workshop will be happening at the end of April, covering techniques such as cob and walling with straw bales, bottle bricks and cordwood. The workshops we ran last year were a lot of fun, and informative too. This one promises to be just as good.

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Spring Workdays / Diwrnodau Gwaith y Gwanwyn

Join us for monthly volunteer workdays at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust. Ymunwch â ni ar gyfer ein diwrnodau gwaith gwirfoddol misol yn Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust.

Our Spring Workdays will be on Sunday 8th March and Sunday 19th April.

Bydd ein Diwrnodau Gwaith y Gwanwyn ar ddydd Sul 8fed Mawrth a dydd Sul 19eg Ebrill.

On Sunday 8th March we will be building a roof over the top of the volunteer caravan to keep it a warm and dry. Timber for the uprights will be sourced from the farm.

On Sunday 19th April we will be completing work on the kitchen in the Trust barn.

Over the last year we have been refitting the kitchen, lining and insulating the room and fitting a woodburner to make it into a cosy space for eating and hanging out on workdays, courses and camps.

Led by Matt Douglas, we will completing the work be lining and insulating the ceiling.

Ddydd Sul 8fed Mawrth byddwn yn adeiladu to dros ben y garafán wirfoddol i’w gadw’n gynnes ac yn sych. Bydd pren ar gyfer yr esgyniadau yn dod o’r fferm.

Ddydd Sul 19eg Ebrill byddwn yn cwblhau gwaith ar y gegin yn ysgubor yr Ymddiriedolaeth.

Dros y flwyddyn ddiwethaf rydym wedi bod yn adnewyddu’r gegin, yn leinio ac yn inswleiddio’r ystafell ac yn gosod llosgwr coed i’w gwneud yn lle clyd ar gyfer bwyta a chymdeithasu ar ddiwrnodau gwaith, cyrsiau a gwersylloedd.

Dan arweiniad Matt Douglas, byddwn yn cwblhau’r gwaith gan leinio ac inswleiddio’r nenfwd.

All welcome! If you would like to join us please get in touch to let me know that you are coming. We look forward to seeing you.

Croeso cynnes i bawb! Os hoffech chi ymuno â ni, cysylltwch â ni. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at gwrdd â chi.

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Roundhouse Building Workshop – Part Three, The Walls!

Roundhouse Building Workshop – Part Three, The Walls!

Saturday 25th April – Wednesday 29th April

This workshop has been postponed.

Please get in touch if you are interested in coming and we will let you know when a new date is set.

Last summer we built a lovely roundhouse with a reciprocal turfed roof. The photo gallery at the bottom of this post shows some pictures from the two building workshops and the roofing weekend.

Now we’re ready for the next stage. Filling in the walls!

Come and join us for an enjoyable week-long walling workshop. Learn about sustainable walling techniques using a mix of local, natural or reclaimed materials . Techniques we will be using include:

Cob, Bottle Bricks, Cordwood, Dry Stone Walling and Strawbale

This workshop is part grant funded, so is available at the bargain price of £100 per week! The workshop fee includes:

* 5 days of tuition and fun
* Self service breakfast
* Two course lunch and evening meal from the kitchen of the talented Veganishmum
* On site camping
(Don’t want to camp? Very local b& b accommodation available for small additional cost.)

Arrivals ready for the workshop are from afternoon / evening of Friday 24th, departures will be on Thursday 30th April. The workshop will run on 25th – 29th April and full catering is available on those days.

For more information and to book contact us or book online (right)

07813 464990 / 01559 371485

Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust
Drefach Felindre
SA44 5HG

Roundhouse Building Workshop Three
Roundhouse Building Workshop Three

Can’t make it all? We would like most people to commit to the whole week; and this is definitely the way to get the most benefit and enjoyment! However, we can accept a small number of part week bookings. Get in touch for more information.

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Workday 9th Feb Cancelled

Due to rather wild and stormy weather, we are cancelling today’s volunteer workday. It’s a much better day to stay home warm and cosy!

Look out for future workday dates coming soon

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Compost Toilet Building Workshop

Come and help us build a Wheelchair Accessible Compost Toilet
at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust!

During the course you will:

Help create a small timber framed building and compost toilet infrastructure, using sustainable and reclaimed materials.

Learn about the benefits of composting toilets, the various kinds of compost toilet systems that can be built and how they work.

Learn how to design and build a simple timber framed building. The principles of this build will be transferable to the creation of many small structures such as cabins, dens, studios or sheds!

Gain confidence in a range of wood working skills and in the use of common wood working tools

This workshop is led by Matthew Douglas, experienced wood worker, artist and compost loo builder. We are keeping the number of participants small to ensure that everyone receives maximum benefit.

15th-18th May 2020
9am – 5pm

Course fee – £200
This includes:
Four days of tuition and fun
– Delicious two course lunch from the kitchen of the talented Veganishmum
– Tea breaks
Onsite Camping, including access to a fully fitted kitchen.

Don’t want to camp?
Local b&b accommodation available for small additional cost

For more information and to book contact Michelle Laine or book online (right)

Tel 01559 371485

Compost Toilet Building Workshop
Compost Toilet Building Workshop
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Seedy Saturday Carmarthen

Seedy Saturday Carmarthen

Saturday, March 7, 2020 10 AM – 3 PM

The annual Carmarthen Seedy Saturday event is fast approaching. We’ll have a stall with information about what we’ll be up to in the year ahead, as well as selling scythes and home grown Shetland yarn.

We’ll also be swapping seeds, stocking up on tools from Tools for Self reliance, meeting old friends and new faces, talking about scythes, permaculture, hand-farming and what ever else of interest comes up. I’m looking forward to it already!

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Winter Workdays / Diwrnodau gwaith y gaeaf

Join us for monthly volunteer workdays at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust. Ymunwch â ni ar gyfer ein diwrnodau gwaith gwirfoddol misol yn Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust.

A great way to share skills and work off some of the Christmas feasting in good company…oh and enjoy a bit more feasting over a bring-and-share lunch!

Mae’n ffordd wych o rannu sgiliau a gweithio rhywfaint ar wledda’r Nadolig mewn cwmni da … o a mwynhau ychydig mwy o wledda dros ginio dod â a rhannu!

Our first two workdays for 2020 will be on Saturday 11th January and Sunday 9th February.

Bydd ein dau ddiwrnod gwaith cyntaf ar gyfer 2020 ar ddydd Sadwrn 11eg Ionawr a dydd Sul 9fed Chwefror.

Tasks we have lined up include further work on the lovely Roundhouse, creating a firewood stack ready for spring and summer events and putting in a length of fencing on one of the Trust’s new fields, using sustainable Chestnut posts.

Ymhlith y tasgau mae gwaith ar y Tŷ Crwn hyfryd, creu pentwr coed tân yn barod ar gyfer digwyddiadau’r gwanwyn a’r haf, a gosod ffens ar un o gaeau newydd y Trust, gan ddefnyddio pyst castanwydden cynaliadwy

All welcome! If you would like to join us please get in touch to let me know that you are coming. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Croeso cynnes i bawb! Os hoffech chi ymuno â ni, cysylltwch â ni. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at gwrdd â chi yn y Flwyddyn Newydd.

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One more waxcap…

…and quite a special one. This is Gliophorus reginae or the Jubilee Waxcap.

Why is it special?

The Jubilee Waxcap was only recognized as a separate species in 2013. There are very few records of it in Wales, so it was very exciting to find it here on the Trust.

I found this specimen on the Trust’s Cae Top on 16th November 2019. Using iRecord, I reported this find, where it will add to the important bank of knowledge the Welsh wildlife recording centers are building about wildlife in Wales.

Do you want to know what people are finding in your “milltir sgwar*”?

Have a look at the website Aderyn. Here you can search and find out what species have been seen near your house, school or workplace.

*”Fy Milltir Sgwar” – welsh, lit. “my square mile”, referring to your patch or stamping ground.

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No December Volunteer Workday

We will not be holding a volunteer workday in December. Please look out for 2020 dates, coming soon!

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Wonderful Waxcaps (and friends) Walk

Join me for an informal walk around Penboyr Churchyard on Sunday 27th October to look at the amazing waxcaps, coral fungi, spindles, earth tongues and caterpillar clubs.

No guarantees about what we’ll find (or that I’ll be able to name them all!)…but that is part of the fun 🙂

Meet in the churchyard at 11am

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