Eve’s Garden

A well known tenet of permaculture is ‘earth care/ people care/ fair share’

This means that  a) we need to look after our beloved planet and all its diversity, species and soil – b) look after our human inner and outer world needs, families, friends and relationships  c) make sure the exchange between the earth and her species and humans is a fair exchange (rather than the destructive, polluting and consumerist one that has got us to a global crisis)

Towards that purpose- I am delighted to announce Eve’s Garden is now a ‘people care/fair share’ resource created alongside the Trust.  Here you may take a guided mythological journey through  wounded places – with sensory experiences involving a snake, an apple, a trip to the Underworld, ancestral altar, firepit , a baptism pool and other mysteries…  

Fair share is achieved as Adam has tended the builders rubble soil so it is now well composted and fertile for the Golden roses of paradise to grow and blossom- alongside his polytunnel which is tenderly cared for.

Please see www.evesgardenonline.com for the story, more information, photos and how to make contact if you would like to visit.