One more waxcap…

…and quite a special one. This is Gliophorus reginae or the Jubilee Waxcap.

Why is it special?

The Jubilee Waxcap was only recognized as a separate species in 2013. There are very few records of it in Wales, so it was very exciting to find it here on the Trust.

I found this specimen on the Trust’s Cae Top on 16th November 2019. Using iRecord, I reported this find, where it will add to the important bank of knowledge the Welsh wildlife recording centers are building about wildlife in Wales.

Do you want to know what people are finding in your “milltir sgwar*”?

Have a look at the website Aderyn. Here you can search and find out what species have been seen near your house, school or workplace.

*”Fy Milltir Sgwar” – welsh, lit. “my square mile”, referring to your patch or stamping ground.

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