A Cosy Caravan Cwtch*

One successful set of Skills Share volunteer days completed and our tiny visitor caravan looks very snug under it’s new roof.

We had some lovely feedback from a volunteer, which sums up the event perfectly (see below). Watch this space for news of future Skill Shares!

* cwtch‘ (pronounced ‘kutch’, to rhyme with ‘butch’) is the Welsh for a cuddle or hug but can also refer to a cubbyhole or cupboard; a small space in which to store things safely; or a cosy corner in a pub!

What can I say???…..It was extremely enjoyable, I learnt several new skills (e.g. working with roofing tin, and rafter jointing) and used some new tools (e.g. the impact driver!). I now have the confidence to build larger structures and can offer to help with a wider range of building projects. 
Matt, you are fabulous!! I have really enjoyed working with you and am already looking forward to your next ‘Skills Share’ session.

A Satisfied Volunteer

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