Shetland Beef and Two Summer Shetland Lamb

Most years we will have meat available to sell from our flock of Shetland Sheep and our micro herd of Shetland Cattle. Below is more detail about what we offer. If you are interested in becoming a customer, please get in touch.

A bit about our husbandry….

Both Shetland sheep and Shetland cattle are traditional breeds which are noted for the suitability to low input farming and their tasty meat. Shetland sheep are classified as a minority breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, while the Shetland cow is classified as “at risk”. Keeping and breeding these animals helps ensure their long term survival.

Our animals are grass reared on the species rich permanent pastures of Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust and enjoy fabulous handmade hay overwinter. No chemicals are used on the Trust’s land. Medical treatments given to the animals are kept to the absolute minimum needed to ensure good health.

The Meat

We will have two batches of meat available:

Two Summer Shetland Lamb usually in October, (orders taken in September)

Shetland Beef usually in early December, (orders taken September – October)

Two Summer Shetland Lamb (Hogget / Baby Mutton)

As the name implies, these Shetland lambs will have lived two summers before slaughter (making them about 18 months old). This gives the slower growing breed time to mature properly and gives the sheep a much longer life then conventionally reared lamb (slaughtered at circa 6 months). We think that this “baby mutton” has a much fuller and richer flavour then early slaughtered lamb whilst still being tender. The meat will be hung for one week to further improve flavour and eatability

Meat will be available as boxes of half a lamb. Each box will have a mix of cuts – eg roasting joints, chops and mince – butchered and vacum packed ready for the freezer by Cig Oen in Tregaron. Boxes last year were between 7 – 10kg.

We would like to sell all the lamb as complete half boxes. However, if you would like some but do not want a full box please let us know – we may be able to match you up with someone else who would like to share

Shetland Beef Shares

We will have Shetland beef for sale. The beef will be processed by Cig Oen, hung for three weeks to improve flavour and tenderness then butchered and vacum packed ready for the freezer.

Each person will receive a mixed box of cuts – eg slow roasting and prime joints, steaks, stewing steak and mince. The meat will be full of flavour and the long hanging will help it develop tenderness.

We are expecting a box to be about 10-12kg, but this depends on the number of people who would like to share the beef and the exact weight of the side of beef when it comes back from the butchers.

The Practacalities

Please contact us and let us know if you are interested in either lamb or beef, or both! We can send you details of how the scheme works and add you to our mailing list. When we have animals ready to be taken to Tregaron we will be in touch to see if you would like to place an order.