Camping Bookings

Camping Fees

  • Price per tent per night             £4.50
  • Adult per person per night        £4.00
  • Children 5 years per night        £2.75

Example – two adults camping for 1 night with 1 tent – 2 x £4.00 plus 1 x £4.50 = £12.50

Discounts for Group Camps
(need to be booked directly with the Trust and staying by arrangement only with the Trust)

  • For Groups of over 11 – 20 people……..10% off tent per night and person per night charge
  • For Groups of over 20 people…………..20% off tent per night and person per night charge

Discounts for travelling to the farm on foot, by bicycle or public transport

  • 20% off tent per night and person per night charge

Please note…..Only one discount is claimable per booking.

Things to note before you book

  • Dyfed Permculture Farm Trust offers a quiet, semi-wild camping experience. We ask people camping with us to act in a way that respects the tranquil setting
  • Minimum notice required – please try and book a minimum of 3 days before your intended stay
  • Dogs are generally not allowed
  • Groups of 5 or more people – please contact us to discuss your stay before booking
  • Other activities might happen at the Trust during your stay, eg courses or events. We will endeavour to let you know in adavnce of your stay if an event is planned. There are various options of camping place which will give you more or less privacy from other Trust activities as you prefer.

Booking Process

  • Book by Phone or Email to the Trust     01559371427
  • You can also book online through Go Green Adventure