November and December Volunteer Workdays

Our next Volunteer Workday will be on Saturday 2nd November.

All are welcome to our volunteer workdays. The day runs from about 10am – 4pm, with a good mix of work, chat, fun and food! Please bring a dish to share for lunch and suitable work clothes.

In September we had a fantastic weekend putting all the “layers” onto the Roundhouse roof (see pictures below).

In November, we will be installing a French drain around the Roundhouse.

A French Drain is a trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe that will redirect surface water and runoff from the roof away from the Roundhouse. We’ll also have 100 Grape Hyacinth bulbs to plant into the green roof.

Our following Volunteer Workday will be Sunday 8th December.

Plans are not fully fixed yet. We will probably be carrying out repairs on various fences and gateways. We will be using sustainably sourced Chestnut fence posts, as well as some Laburnum fence posts sourced from our own hedges.

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