February Volunteer Workday

February Volunteer Workday

Sun 27th Feb 2022 10am- 4pm

This month there will be three main activities going on (weather permitting!)

Michelle will be coordinating a gardening group to give the main Forest Garden areas their annual weed and mulch (if it is dry enough). It’s amazing how good these areas look with minimum maintenance.

We’ll also be reviewing the willow around the Roundhouse. We will keep the majority of it, but will look at what needs to be coppiced or removed to improve light and views from the main windows.

Phil will work be working with the Permaculture Principle that The Problem is the Solution.

Using some brash that is currently spilling over a path he will work with a group to tidy up the drainage ditch that was created on an earlier workday.

Not only will the brash give the drainage ditch an aesthetically pleasing finish and create a wildlife habitat, it will clear and widen the access around the barn

Matt and a pair of helping hands or two will be aiming to Produce no Waste by reusing a selection of left over floor tiles to make a durable, washable floor for the Trust’s funky bucket shower (pictured left).

Workdays are a great opportunity to meet, socialise, share experiences and enjoy a delicious bring and share lunch!

If you plan to come, please get in touch to book your place.

The day is free to attend. Please bring a contribution for a bring and share lunch, work gloves, work boots and/or wellies and any clothing that the weather might need!

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