Celebrating May Day

We gathered once again on 28th April with the group All Year Round to celebrate May Day.

First we made musical instruments out of recycled materials. There were flutes made of old plastic bottles, shakers made from beans and plastic boxes and elastic band guitars. Meanwhile, some of the children decorated cup cakes with edible flowers.

Y Polyn Mai ar ol y dawnsio

The May Pole after the dancing

Then it was time to sing and dance! With the children playing their instruments we paraded around the Red Barn to arrive at the May Pole. While the adults sang the 16th century song “Summer is a Coming In” and, in welsh, “Y Cadi Ha”, the children danced around the May Pole. They made pretty patterns around the pole with the colourful ribbons.

Cacenau bach gyda blodau

May Cakes

We finished the day by eating the delicious flower decorated cakes.

Our next celebration will be on 21st June for mid-summer. A warm welcome to all!

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