All Year Round – Spring Equinox / Easter

All Year Round met to celebrate Easter and the Spring Equinox, on Sunday 23rd March.

After weaving pretty paper baskets we were off on a co-operative hunt to find the scattered pieces of a map which would show us the way to the nest of the fabled Easter bird.

Whilst sharing a delicious cake we pieced the map together then studied it carefully to discover the nesting place. The trail was followed, bringing us to a hidden glade where the nest was discovered high in a tree. But how to reach the nest? We all sang a special Spring song and the nest magically lowered to revel a feast of chocolate eggs inside!

The next All Year Round celebration will be on Sunday 27th April. Join us for an early May Day celebration, including making instruments from scrap, making (and eating!) spring Flower Cakes and dancing around the May Pole.

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