All Year Round – Candlemas

Small Bees Wax Candles, with Moulds in the Background

Small Bees Wax Candles, with Moulds in the Background

On Sunday 2nd February the All Year Round group gathered to celebrate Candlemas.

We started the session making small beeswax candles, as can be seen in the pictures above. Molten beeswax was poured into silicon ice cube moulds. At the same time a length of wick was “primed” – dipped into molten wax then left to set. The candles were turned out when just set and a hole made through the centre with a knitting needle – an easy job in the still warm wax. Then a length of primed wick was threaded through and the candles were complete. The wax smells lovely and is a beautiful rich yellow colour.

The showers held off long enough for us to enjoy some co-operative games outside. We also cooked some simple bread on a camp fire which tasted great with lashing of butter and jam.
Our next gathering is for Spring Equinox / Easter on Sunday 23rd March. Croeso Cynnes i Bawb!

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