All Year Round – Autumn Equinox

14021501_10154527446746209_3860970008462031656_nWe will be having a special All Year Round for Autumn Equinox making lanterns for the amazing lantern procession in Haverfordwest on October the 29th. The parade is a collaboration between The Lab and Span Arts’ Cheerful Project and I would like to add a twist of Remembrance Day for Lost Species by making a Thylacine lantern for the parade. The Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger went extinct 80 years ago this year, I think this would be a great way to honor and remember it.

14100440_10154527447851209_6292858438955114988_nCome along on Saturday the 17th of September 11am – 4pm to help make the Thylacine lantern, or make your own smaller lantern. Bring lunch to share if you’re coming at lunchtime!

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