100% Shetland Wool Yarn

100% Pure Wool Yarn for sale. Grown and spun in Wales.

The yarn is produced from the fleeces of our flock of Shetland Sheep, grazed on the species rich meadows of Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust.

The fleece is processed and spun by Curlew Weavers in Rydlewis – this yarn has not traveled far!

It is a soft, pale gray yarn. It takes natural dyes beautifully. I have included photos of yarn that I have dyed to give you an idea of what can be achieved. Only the gray is for sale.

The yarn is Aran Weight. Each hank is approx 200g / 220m.

As a guide to how much you will need:
– I made two hot water bottle covers from one hank and had some spare.
– I am knitting a yoke necked jumper for my 12 year old daughter (here’s the pattern) I expect that will weigh 600g when complete.
– My yoke neck sweater weighs 800g.

Amount needed will vary according to the size of finished article, pattern and knitting style.

1 hank (200g) £16

2 hanks (400g) £32

3 hanks (600g) £45

4 hanks (800g) £58

5 hanks (1kg) £70

I can post to UK address for an additional £5 p&p. If you would like to buy some, please get in touch. For delivery, you can use the online shop below.

One hank of yarn £16 [wp_cart_button name=”1 hank” price=”£16″ shipping=”£0.001″]

Two hanks of yarn £32 [wp_cart_button name=”2 hank” price=”£32″ shipping=”£0.001″]

Three hanks of yarn £45 [wp_cart_button name=”3 hank” price=”£45″ shipping=”£0.001″]

Four hanks of yarn £58[wp_cart_button name=”4 hank” price=”£58″ shipping=”£0.001″]

Five hanks of yarn £70 [wp_cart_button name=”5 hank” price=”£70″ shipping=”£0.001″]