Spring Workdays at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust

The next two Trust workdays will be Saturday 19th May and Saturday 23rd June.

We will be weeding and maintaining the forest garden and perennial plantings around the barn, as well as carrying out any annual maintenance needed on the barn and compost toilets.

Workdays run from 10am until about 4pm. Please bring contributions for a bring and share lunch.

Croeso Cynnes i bawb!

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Celebrating the New Fields

Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust has taken on the management of 2 new fields. Follow the link to hear the story of how they became available and how we celebrated their opening.

A couple of years ago Mark Boyle, Guardian columnist and author of ‘The Moneyless Man and ‘Drinking Molatov Cocktails with Ghandi’, put into words a discomfort I had been feeling for a while. When John died I claimed the life insurance originally intended to pay off our mortgage. In the event it we had paid […]

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Volunteer Workday, April 15th

Footpaths from reclaimed and recycled materials.

Garden in full bloomWe will be hosting a volunteer workday at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust on Sunday April 15th from 10am – 4pm.

Join us and members of the South West Wales Permaculture Network as we create footpaths from reclaimed and recycled materials to improve access.

Please bring contributions for a bring and share lunch. There will be a swaps table, so if you have any spares seeds, plants, pots etc etc that you want to share please bring them along.

Contact us if you need directions or more information

This work is being supported by Paramaethu Cymru, The Permaculture Association’s strategic network in Wales.

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All Year Round – Spring Equinox

Join us for an All Year Round celebration of the spring on Sunday 25th March, 2-5pm.

We will be having a go at making beautiful eggs like these, planting potatoes in the AYR garden and cooking snacks on the fire.

Suggested donations towards the cost of the event –  £3 for first child, £5 for two or more.


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All Year Round – Imbolc

For Imbolc on the 11th of Feb (2-5pm at the Dyfed Permaculture Trust) we will be spring cleaning ourselves with home made face packs, bath scrubs and other all natural pampering products. Bring a jam jar or two.

There will also be games with a spring cleaning theme.

Croeso i bawb! All welcome!

Usual donation plus some extra for pamper product ingredients for those indulging.


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Building a Compost Toilet Workshop

During this weekend workshop you will help build a composting toilet at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust.

Led by an experienced timber builder, you will learn about the benefits of composting toilets, the principles behind the design and fully construct a compost toilet housed in a simple timber structure.

The tried and trusted design uses a modified wheelie bin to contain the waste. The toilet is housed within a simple wooden structure. It includes a hand washing basin using rainwater harvested from the roof.

The result is an ecological toilet that is pleasant to use and easy to maintain.

Dates: 21st October and 22nd October, 9am – 5pm

Cost – £80 / weekend (£60 concession)

Camping / caravan accommodation is available for Saturday night – see http://dyfedpermaculturefarmtrust.org.uk/camping/

For more information and to book contact Michelle Laine

Tel 01559 371485



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Hand Hay Making at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust

The Trust has 6 acres of wild flower meadows. Hand hay making plays an important part in their management.

Below is a short video that will give you an idea of the kind of work we are doing.

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All Year Round – Lammas Celebration

Our next All Year Round Celebration will be for Lammas. Join us from 7pm on Tuesday 1st August for songs around the fire. Overnight camping welcome by arrangement.

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Moth Celebration – Moth and Bats Species List

Privet Hawk Moth

Here is the full list of species of moths identified during our recent Moth Celebration. It’s worth a read just for the wonderful names. Thanks to Sally Hall for helping us identify them all, and to Isabel Macho of Carmarthenshire County Council for lending us the moth trap.

I have also included a list of bat species kindly recorded for us on the same night by Laurence Brooks.



MOTH TRAPPING 24 June 2017
Land at Bach y Gwyddel, Cwmpengraig/Penboyr SN35036


Angle Shades

Beautiful Snout

Buff Tip

Green Oak Totrix
3 Large Fruit-tree Tortrix
2 Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix
Pseudargyrotoza conwagana
3 Apotomis betuletana
Notocelia cynosbatella
3 Endonia lacustrata
Scoparia ambigualis
3 Chrysoteuchia culmella
6 Small Magpie
3 Udea olivalis
Fox Moth
3 Buff Arches
Smoky Wave
Common Carpet
Silver-ground Carpet
Purple Bar
6 Spinach
Northern Spinach
2 Sharp-angled Carpet
4 Rivulet
5 Small Rivulet
2 Grass Rivulet
2 Common Pug
V Pug
6 Clouded Border
2 Sharp-angled Peacock
7 Brimstone
Scorched Wing
14 Pepper
Willow Beauty
2 Mottled Beauty
4 Brussels Lace
2 Common Wave
Privet Hawkmoth
4 Elephant Hawkmoth
3 Poplar Hawkmoth
2 Buff Tip
3 Lobster
Rosy Footman
8 White Ermine
6 Buff Ermine
3 Heart and Dart
7 Flame Shoulder
15 Flame
9 Large Yellow Underwing
Purple Clay
3 Small Square Spot
2 Triple-spotted Clay
2 Pale-shouldered Brocade
Green Arches
Grey Arches
Bright-line Brown-eye

Poplar Hawk Moth

3 Dot Moth
Hebrew Character
Double Line
Grey Dagger
Smoky Wainscott
6 Coronet
Angle Shade
Dark Arches
3 Rufous Minor
5 Marble Minor
2 Middle-barred Minor
2 Common Rustic
4 Uncertain
2 Burnished Brass
6 Silver Y
2 Beautiful Golden Y
8 Straw Dot
Beautiful Snout
2 Fanfoot

Bats – Number of passes by each species recorded on the detector were:

9 common pipistrelle
26 soprano pipistrelle
6 Noctule
1 brown long-eared bat
3 Natterer’s bat
2 unidentified Myotis species

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Summer Solstice / Moths Celebration

Join the All Year Round group from 4pm on 24th June for an afternoon of fun and activities (including wildflower labyrinth and moth themed crafts) followed by a bring and share supper and camp fire. We will then be setting up a moth trap at dusk.

Those who would like to camp over in the wildflower meadows are welcome to; otherwise come back for 10am on 25th June to help identify the moths that have been trapped and release them back into the wide world. Sally Hall has kindly agreed to help again – her services were invaluable last year.

To give you a taste of what to expect, some lovely pictures of the beauties we saw last time can be seen to the right.

All Year Round ask for donations of £3 per child to cover costs, with sliding scale of discounts for families with more then one child. If you would like to camp, a suggested donation of £7.50 per family can be made to Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust.

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